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Our Way

Our Way

The accountants you can trust.

'A brilliant write up and report and thank you for the urgent attention. Super work'. Client Mortgage Broker - April 2024.

'The Associate Judge expressly referred to the engagement of Dr Bryant to quantify the debt and the methodology employed to access how much was owed'. Senior Solicitor, referring to an extract from a High Court Judgement - March 2024.

'A clear, concise and reasoned valuation, accepted by both parties at a third of what had originally been proposed; thank you. Family Court Barrister - 2023.

'You are amazing Doc, the results of your efforts, has changed my life so much for the better'. A happy ACC claimant - 2022.

'And they were going to bankrupt my mother...! Thank you so much Forensics'. A client's son on a good IRD result - 2022'.

'Dr Bryant is the country's best investigative accountant'. Ron McQuilter, NZ's leading Private Investigator - 2012.

Our Wins
Laptop and Paperwork

Welcome to
Forensics Limited

We take care of your in-depth accounting and auditing needs.
We know how to dig deep!

  • Forensics Limited is an approved CAANZ Practice Entity - #3163539.

  • Forensics Limited provides support to individuals, businesses and to the accounting and legal professions.

  • Forensics Limited's key staff have been providing throughout New Zealand, first-class forensic/investigative accounting services since 1985.

  • They will take care of troubling financial issues, leaving you and your client's to focus on other aspects of their lives.

  • Whether there is a tax issue; a requirement for due diligence to be carried out; a business or matrimonial breakdown; doubts about what the financials are saying, suspected fraudulent activities or problems with a liquidation or receivership, Forensics Limited are here to help you.

  • Talk to us about the obligations that individuals, businesses and advisors have under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Legislation (AMLCFT) and let us point you in the right direction regarding your cyber security.


Put Forensics Limited in your corner.

Our 'Wins'

We don't wish to brag, but really, we are only as good as the 'wins' that we get for our clients. Generally, we are retained by another service provider, or referred by one, so a 'win' for us is a 'win' for them, as well of course, as a 'win' for the client.

We believe in celebrating and sharing our successful outcomes.

  • Our resolve of Income Tax issues. Click for details >
    We were successful in having a demand by the IRD to a taxpayer for $99,367.23 of unpaid taxation, recalculated and settled at $242.86. We kid you not!! This person was facing bankruptcy! The ACC levy issue then needed to be resolved! Then there was an over $$1,500,000.00 claim that the IRD maintained that a client had not returned as income. This went on for four years, but we finally got the records straight and had the amount reduced to zero. If the IRD got their way of this, the resulting tax bill would have exceeded a million dollars, and no doubt a little goal time for the taxpayer. Again, not rocket science, we deal only with the facts, and argue accordingly. At the end of the day, our IRD friends are no different from you and me. We all, sometimes, get the wrong end of the stick.
  • Re-calculation of Accident Compensation entitlements. Click for details >
    We successfully argued for the re-calculation of entitlement for a self-employed accident client under ACC loss of earnings, gaining a back payment exceeding $301,000.00, plus a substantial increase in on-going weekly compensation. We were then instructed to lead a Review into this, as we believed that the client was entitled to more. In fact, the Review went in our client's favour, with the ACC position being 'quashed and substituted' with our figures! Our client received a further back payment of just under $215,000.00, plus interest of $58,000.00; a total of $574,000.00 of back pay!! With an increase in net weekly compensation from $460.00 pw to $1,450.00 pw, it is calculated to be worth $1,500,000.00 over the next 10 years to our client. We had earlier argued for another referral from a self-employed claimant and obtained a $98,000.00 back payment. Again, a substantial increase in on-going weekly compensation was achieved for this long-term accident victim. Not rocket science, we just go after the facts, and keep cool heads in advancing our position.
  • Called in by the NZ Police. Click for details >
    The NZ Police approached us to assist in a commercial fraud enquiry. They had identified the misappropriation of $75,000.00, enough for a prosecution, but they thought that there was more. They were right; we uncovered a total of $685,000.00 'transferred'! That got the 'pert' several months of free board.
  • Support for an SFO Request for Documents. Click for details >
    We provided expert support to a practitioner who was served with a formal demand to provide documents to the SFO, in relation to one of their clients. This one cannot get wrong: the penalties for doing so are too great!
  • An octogenarian's Trust bank account defrauded of over $600,000.00. Click for details >
    This was a forex swindle that was carried out over a 14-week period. We believe that his bankers failed in their duty of care to this customer. Ongoing......... Let's see where it ends. Then there is the question of the deductibility of this loss for tax purposes?? Currently under 'discussion' with the IRD!
  • Intervention in a relationship property dispute, (previously matrimonial property). Click for details >
    Our introduction to a four-year-long disagreement, saw a mutually satisfactory agreement reached. A new set of eyes maybe? There are other ongoing ones...... Business valuation issues!!
  • Help with getting Liquidation Proceedings withdrawn. Click for details >
    We provided expert support to a practitioner to get liquidation proceedings against a client company for $280,000.00 withdrawn, with a full and final settlement of $100,000.00 agreed upon. Ok, the taxpayer better behave in the future, but they are still operating.
Our Services

Our Services
Everything accounting - Everywhere

We make your business our business.

Magnifying Glass

In-Depth Accounting Services

We will not have the wool pulled over our eyes. 

Forensics Limited follow the money; our staff know where to look; they know how to use state of the art analytical tools; they can develop any brief of evidence that may be required and are experienced expert witnesses in court cases, if needed.

Men with Calculator

Tax Investigations

We argue for you.

With many decades of experience  in the taxation 'industry', our people have the knowledge and expertise to handle any situation. Let Forensics Limited work through your issues with the IRD on your behalf, and get a workable outcome for you.


Financial reviews, due diligence & valuations

We help you to fully understand what the numbers are saying.

No matter what type of financial situation you have, Forensics Limited's team of experts will provide to you the best course of action.

We serve clients' both individual and business needs.

When you cannot see the woods for the trees, let Forensics Limited take a look.


Accounting review services

A necessary evil and an imposition? 

Forensics Limited stays up to date on all appropriate regulatory and legislative developments.

Forensics Limited get the job done, on time, with a minimum of disruption to you.

Contact Forensics Limited and see how they can help you.

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About Us

Carefully crafted, pragmatic accounting support.

Dr Bruce Bryant, DBA; MBA; MTaxS(Hons); CA - PP; FNZIM; MRSNZ, has been providing trusted investigative and forensic accounting services that meet a wide range of corporate and personal needs to clients New Zealand wide, for several decades.

Forensics Limited is here to handle all of your tricky financial demands so you can focus on your core priorities — in business, and in your life.

Forensics Limited staff have acted for major insurance companies including the ACC, the NZ Police and many national PI firms.

Dr Bryant has been described as 'NZ's best investigative accountant' by a prominent private investigator.

Contact Us

Contact Us


Auckland: Level 1, Suite 2

26 St Heliers Bay Road

Auckland 1071. NZ

Waikato: Level 4 - 71 London Street. Hamilton 3204. NZ


(64) 021 501209

We Call On You

Anywhere, anytime, at your place, where the files are.

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