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Our 'Wins'

We don't wish to brag, but really, we are only as good as the 'wins' that we get for our clients. Generally, we are retained by another service provider, or referred by one, so a 'win' for us is a 'win' for them, as well of course, as a 'win' for the client.

We believe in celebrating and sharing our successful outcomes.

Table of successes

       Here, briefly, are a few:

Our introduction into a four year long disagreement, saw a mutually satisfactory agreement reached. A new set of eyes maybe?

We successfully argued the re-calculation of entitlement for a self-employed

accident client under ACC loss of earnings, gaining a back payment exceeding

$200,000.00, plus a substantial increase in on-going weekly compensation. We 

are now leading a Review as we believe that the client is entitled to more.

Re-calculation of Accident

Intervention in a

Our resolve of an 
Income Tax issue. 

Support for an SFO

Request for Documents.

Help with getting liquidation proceeding deferred.

We were successful in having a demand to taxpayer by the IRD of in excess of $100,000.00 dismissed. We got it settled for under $400.00. We kid you not!! This person was facing bankruptcy!

We provided expert support to a practitioner who was served with a formal demand to provide documents to the SFO, in relation to a client. This, one cannot get wrong: the penalties for doing so, are too great!

We provided expert support to a practitioner to get liquidation proceedings against a company, deferred, to enable the practitioner's client, to live to fight another day.

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